8-Bit Armies – PC Review in Englisch lesen

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8-Bit Armies – PC Review in Englisch lesen

8-Bit Armies – PC Review in Englisch lesen

Unsere 8-Bit Armies Beta PC Review ist nun auch in Englisch verfügbar, vielen Dank an unser Staff Member HQ|Doskilos für die Übersetzung.

Hier ein kurzer Auszug, mehr gibt es hier zu lesen: http://www.hqgaming.de/8-bit-armies/8-bit-armies-beta-pc-review-in-englisch/

Long did I have to wait for a new real time strategy titel, as I am a huge ‘Command & Conquer‘ fan. The surprise was big when ‘Petroglyph’ anounced their newest masterpiece ‘8-Bit Armies‘. Of course, my curiosity was piqued and so I took a closer look at the game.

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Needless to say, ‘8-Bit Armies‘ is not ‘Command & Conquer’, but it is really similar to that franchise and might espacially appeal ‘Command & Conquer’ fans who were abandoned by ‘Electronic Arts’.

Due to the rather manageable variety of units and structures the player can produce, ‘8-Bit Armies‘ is particularly suited for beginners. Though new factions will be added, the game is going to remain manageable.

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