AI Special Force MOD V3.1 by Salsifi

Heute gibt es die neuste Version des AI Mods von Salsifi, danke an Henry für das Testen und den Hinweis:)

Beschreibung: Die neuste Version des bekannten AI Special Force MOD in der Version V3.1 von Salsifi. Dieser Mod bringt folgende Änderungen mit:

Well, here’s the change of the version 3.1 :
– New organisation of AI : return to Easy/Medium/Hard level, each AI build an harbor and can build ships. You can adjust now the AI to you skill without be crushed by the hard AI
– For each AI side, nine behaviors/build orders, from the noob behavior to the expert, slow and fast tech, rusher … this will make AI less predictable.
– AI now uses Hydra Rockets for Hinds
– AI now uses the KEM upgrade for Humvee
– AI now uses the SpinnerLauncher
– AI protects her expand with bigger forces
– AI uses Ural Bomber
– AI now uses Apache, Comanche and hind in a better way …
– AI now uses multiples forces (you’ll see when you’ll play… )
– AI adapts faster than before to the units on the battlefield
– AI Naval units behavior has been improved
– AI Naval units scanners have been created to detect which is the best target (beware of harpoon from US submarines… )
– For the CS AI : small amphibious assault on some point (not perfect, depend of the map)
– All areas of detection have been increased (sorry maybe to slow computers) so the AI react to the danger in a better way and before it is too late
– AI is really more agressive… if you sit in your base, you’re dead…

Version 2.0

– AI protects her expands with some turrets
– AI uses ground and air transports
– AI ambushs everywhere including buildings around her base
– Behaviors have been improved
– AI is more aggressive against expands

Version 1.43 and 1.0

Enhanced use by the AI of the shield tech tree and units for TFT
– Enhanced use of strongest units by the AI like Abraams Akula and Spinners
– Better use of the best infantries to counter opposition (Delta Force will now engage helis for example)
– CS AI will fill the BTR with kornets to rise initial damage
– USA should now use the kiowa to scout the battlefield
– USA now build snipers / Stinger
– CS now build polaris / SA-7 / RPG 7
– No more useless Tunguska spam
– USA and CS have now a specific behavior on hard setting to acquire Air Domination
– AI will try to grab the banks quicker (it really depends of the map configuration)
– AI can now take (and retake) banks which are on islands like on “fight like an egyptian”
– AI should now use helis more often
– The kiowa now scouts the map
– AI uses artillery strike more often
– AI will not waste now her planes on a single heli which is on the center of the deadly air defense of enemy base
– Size of attack groups has been increase “a little” to allow AI to plan massive assaults
– Air domination behavior has been perfected

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Sisslik alias Andreas Fritz ist als Administrator sowie als Chefredakteur im HQ Gaming Network tätig und ist mit Zak McKracken, Space Quest, X-Wing und DUNE 2 aufgewachsen und seit der Kindheit mit dem Commodore C16 ein Gamer mit Leib und Seele. Deshalb wird auch privat viel am PC, sowie der Spielekonsole gedaddelt, am liebsten werden Strategie, Shooter und düstere Sci-Fi Survival-Horror gespielt.

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  1. Profilbild von Alnox

    Hi Sisslik, im try to send you a msg, but i dont understand german.. so im little confuse try to use the this web site xD

    Is about one problem that im getting on Modding Act of War – High Treason.
    The problem is with the 3ds max 7 pluging. Im getting error installing and exporting 🙁

    I create a topic on the new Eugene Systems forum, and send you a msg but since you dont post there for so long, i was thinking to try to ask you her :

    My Eugen System Post,

    Btw, i love your AOW Mod “AI Special Forces Mod”

    Thanks in advance,
    If you don’t have time to help is ok, I understand 🙂

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